About Damian…


Damian Appleby is a professional hypnotherapist and guided meditation leader, specializing in stories that inspire his listeners to explore deeper within themselves and let go of the issues of life.

Surviving the challenges life had given him in his childhood, he initally trained in NLP and then Hypnotherapy so he might develop the tools he needed to reframe his childhood experiences and create a better life.

The skills he has learned with hypnotherapy have enabled him to create stories designed to help his clients let go of the hurdles that stopped them from enjoying deep satisfaction with their lives and creating new paths for successful futures.

In 2014 he was diagnosed with cancer, and used that experience to develop his experiential stories to a new level, creating daily sessions for himself that marked a significant improvement in his cancer treatment, eventally leading to his all clear in 2020.

His short, metaphor rich stories have helped thousands of people discover elements of their characters they never knew existed, overcome challenges and enhance their presence in the world and taking them on a path toward a happier, more fulfilling life.

In 2022 he launched the NuYu Healing podcast, a podcast specifically crafted to give everyone access to a better tomorrow, whatever their situation.