Take control of your life with
Guided Meditation

Release your past

Transform yourself

Embrace your future

Welcome to your first step to a Nu Yu.

Since the dawn of time, people have used stories to pass on knowledge and transform the world around them.

From the first paintings on cave walls and stories told in long forgotten dialects around log fires, the trubadors and bards of europe, great poetic works and literature.

Even in our modern times where everything seems to exist in a virtual reality, stories still inform and educate through social media postings, news articles and videos.

The fact is stories are a natural part of our psyche and can speak to our subconscious in the language it understands best.  The language of metaphor.

It might help to think of it like a beautiful daydream that leaves you with a lasting message of transformation and renewal.

By creating a unique blend of story and meditation to remove all distractions, you can transform your life in to the one you want.

  • Letting go of past misjudgments.
  • Re-educate your mind.
  • Live the future you want.

Tomorrow is yours aready, ask yourself, do you want a replay of yesterday or a Nu Yu?